What We Do

Reaching to achieve health and healthcare equity for all, through education, accountability, and direct care for our communities.

Our Current Objectives

  • Encourage healthcare systems to identify and resolve areas of systematic racism.
  • Collaborating with healthcare educators to creative bias free environments
  • Support efforts to remove political bias from regional health boards
  • Push for access to healthcare insurance despite income or status
  • Advocate for healthcare and dental clinics in poor and BIPOC neighborhoods
  • Support local food banks by volunteering and philanthropic efforts
  • Promote political agendas that make health equity a priority
  • Educate the community about social determinants of health and influence the public to help make a difference

Join the Healthcare Committee

If you’re an NAACP member, the Healthcare committee would love to make use of your time and talents. To join the committee, drop us a line with the form below. If you're not a member, join now!

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