Join the fight for equity and social justice for all. Become a member of NAACP Spokane today.

Membership Benefits

  • Meet local residents supporting change for equal justice and treatment.
  • Plan and organize campaigns to end social injustice with like minded individuals.
  • Advocate for regulations that will help, not hurt, our communities.
  • Attend local, regional, and national leadership and advocacy events.
  • Participate in voter registration and endorsement campaigns.
  • Stay on top of pressing matters such as education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Corporate Membership Benefits

  • Network with businesses that share your values.
  • Get NAACP support in providing employee education around racial issues
  • Help the communities in which your business operates
  • Be the first to know about volunteer opportunities that may be shared with your staff
Are you with us?

We’re not a political movement. We’re a human movement. And in our current moment, it’s all hands on deck!